Agustin Kitchen proudly serves 100% sustainable proteins.

What does that mean and why is it so important to us?

This means that our chefs research and select our meats and seafood to be ethically sourced with minimal environmental impact.

We also source organic and/or local produce and other goods whenever possible.

Mercado San Agustín

Located within the newly developed Mercado District of Menlo Park and the future Mission District, the MSA has the benefit of being located in Tucson’s most beautiful new mixed-use transit oriented neighborhoods.  The MSA follows the design ethics put together by the Mercado District, all masonry construction and must pass a design review process that holds the building to a higher standard that both honors the past and recognizes the future.  The mantra among builders of the Mercado District is that they are building a future historic district. MSA is posed to achieve LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold status from the United States Green Build Council.    Water Harvesting, solar panels, rastra block walls and smart design made that possible. The Mission District plans for some of the densest mixed-use development in downtown, mixing housing, retail and commercial spaces Tucson will see it’s downtown grow significantly in size.  As the Western terminus of Tucson’s new Modern Streetcar the whole area will see a dynamic shift in its synergy to downtown.

Friends of Agustin Kitchen

We would like to thank our local vendors:

Queen Creek Olive Mill
Double Check Ranch
Patagonia Greens
Fiore di Capra
High Energy Agriculture
Sleeping Frog Farms
Hayden Mills
Barrio Bread
Gourmet Girls
Caffe Luce
SouthWinds Farm
Rattlebox Farm

Thank you!