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Sun-Thu 5p-9p
Fri-Sat 5p-10p


Barrio Bread Whipped Butter +Sea Salt  7
Salmon Rillete  12
Jackfruit Rillete  15 (VG)

Marinated Olives
Hot Marinated In Citrus, Garlic & Herbs  7 (VG)


Barbecued Carrot
Creamy Herb Dressing, Dill, +Pecan  18  (V)

Little Gems
Honey Grape Vinaigrette, Radish, Spiced Pecan, Goat Cheese, Orange, +Fennel  13 (V)

Forest Mushroom
Madeira Butter, Apple, Allium, +62.5° Egg  19 (V)

Caesar Salad
Queso Fresco, Bread Crumb, Chicharron, + Anchovy Dressing  11/16
chicken  8  salmon 12  steak 13  shrimp 10

Roasted Lions Mane Mushroom Celery Root Apple Fritter, Celery Leaf Salad, +Smoked Béarnaise Sauce  23 (VG)


Crispy Calamari Salad
Rocket Greens, Crispy Calamari, Citrus Vinaigrette  18

Spanish Chorizo, White Wine, Fennel, Rocket, +Allium  25

Pan Roasted Halibut
Crushed Artichoke, +Chorizo Mussel Chowder  39

Fishermans Stew In A Tomato Nage W/Fennel, Peppers & Leeks, +Oyster Crackers  32
Baguette 3  Pasta 4  Fries 5


Beef Tataki
Seaweed Chimichurri, Radish, Cucumber, +Beef Fat Kosho  20

Roasted Chicken
Potato Puree, Pancetta Lardon, Melted Savoy Cabbage, +Chicken Jus  28

NY Strip Steak
Fennel Soubise, Turnip, Baby Carrot, +Red Wine Jus  38

Bucatini Amatriciana Tomato, Guanciale, Calabrian Chile, Calabrese Salami, +Pecorino Toscano 23



V=VegetarianVG=Vegan / ask your server what other items can be made vegan

rotating variety, raw oysters on the half shell
6 for $27 or $5 each

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